Swamp Dogs #1 Chuma Hill x ECGCE/Third Eye WOWOW!

There really isn't enough I can say about this cover... Chuma Hill absolutely knocked it out of the park AND I got to work with Third Eye Comics AGAIN! If you aren't familiar with Swamp Dogs, here is a quick synopsis.

"They came from the swamp... the scummiest squad of Confederate soldiers, brought back to life by powerful Voodoo magic. They crave power, carnage, and female flesh! They are the Swamp Dogs! Now, young lovers Ayana and Violet, and their friends from the goofy stoner metal band The Grunch, will unknowingly fall into their ghoulish nest. Bear witness to a rollicking gorefest straight out of the shocking grindhouse and revengeful blaxploitation of the 1970s, and the cult horror classics of the 1980s... with a modern twist."

It is a brand new offering from SCOUT/Black Caravan, and WOW am I looking forward to more. The team behind this has huge plans, and JM is an absolute FORCE when it comes to how passionate he is about his work. 

I was introduced to it from the pages of the ashcan, which I loved enough to offer in my shop. I did no marketing for the book and it sold MORE THAN ANY OTHER book that month. Over 100 copies (for being a specialized shop that caters to a small audience this is basically unheard of). So I decided to reach out to JM and pick his brain. Needless to say, he has me sold. 

All of that aside, this is the first official cover with Chuma Hill. I have been working with him and Inaki on a We Live collab for months, but this came across our bow and we decided to tackle it. Chuma has such a wonderfully unique and lovely style and was able to really blend to loveliness of one of the leads with some of the underlying horror elements you will see in the book (not so much the first issue). Not only is it gorgeous, but there is a little teaser in here for those who get into the series. No spoilers I promise.

I really hope you all dig it. 

My plan is to address ECGCE and the future in a much different way. I will have another blog post that discusses that. OH, and an exciting post hopefully to come discussing artists in general :: )

Also I have been told to keep an eye on https://dailydead.com/ today. 

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